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Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom  - Please contact Listing ID: 1465119

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Listing Began: 3/19/18
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Linda Evans  
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This book is about revolutionary discoveries concerning our human existence and the subconscious mind. I have extrasensory perception abilities that enable me to perceive the subconscious mind in and around man in a physical form. I describe this invisible world in this book. In my view, the subconscious mind is the most important causal factor that determines our personality, our life and misery in the world.
The theory that I advance, offers an explanation for life as we know it. It accounts for human behaviour, views of life, life circumstances, the existence of richness and poverty, the presence or the absence of talents, health, love, … It explains the sense, or rather the nonsense of life as we know it on this planet.
I have developed a pioneering distance therapy that can act profoundly on the subconscious mind, which I have called “NPL healing”. This psychic healing method is a technique for fundamental transformation of the personality, abilities, life circumstances and health.
NPL stands for ‘New Personality and Life’. According to the theory behind NPL, there are millions of programmes in the subconscious mind that suppress our original being, knowledge and capacities for almost 100%. The NPL technique can restore the suppressed potential of people.
NPL healing is the path to a better world. The NPL method is the key to bring about profound, previously unseen changes in man and in life, thus putting an end to all kinds of misery.
Although NPL healing is a psychic therapy that requires a person to have unusual psychic abilities, it is possible to be trained in this method. As a result of this training, one will acquire the ability to perceive the subconscious mind and to profoundly impact on it, and will thus have a powerful tool at one’s disposal to change people and their lives for the better.

Linda Evans


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